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9 Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel

9 Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel

Guest Blogger – Donna Lutkins, Realtor
February 24th, 2015

Note from Lend A Box:  We love these ideas!  When you are ready to renovate, consider using our sturdy boxes to store your stuff during the project.

A designer shares key areas where you can economize — and still get the kitchen of your dreams

Houzz Contributor

When you’re investing in a home remodeling project, you want to make sure that the results not only please you but add value to your home and save you money. Never is that more true than in a kitchen remodel, where costs can added up so quickly that your budget can all of a sudden seem like pennies in a jar. To avoid that and keep costs in line, and yet still get the kitchen of your dreams, here are a few of my favorite ways of getting the most out of a tight budget.


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